A Letter to My Fear

Date: August, 2017 To Mr. Fear, Address: Somewhere inside me Contact: Unknown Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for your time reading my letter. I built up a bravery to find you within myself despite the last times that I had always tried to push you out of my boundary or to defeat you … Continue reading A Letter to My Fear


My Merit360 Trekking: Five good lessons I’ve learnt

During Day 6’s dinner of the Merit360 program, everybody looked so exhausted while trying to consume their meal and recharge their energy. But me, I felt so full of energy and happiness; smiling to everybody and asking some people how are they were doing after the trekking. Someone surprised, asked me “Why are you so … Continue reading My Merit360 Trekking: Five good lessons I’ve learnt

Selfishness (Translated from Khmer)

Selfishness is usually being understood as being lacking consideration for other people or thinking about one’s self first. Or, Selfishness is the being of “I’m the best!”, “My ideas are the perfect!”, “I’m doing the right things!”, or the actions that are being shown by behaviours, words, etc… It’s being done for only of one’s … Continue reading Selfishness (Translated from Khmer)