*15th October, 2017 : Week 2 of Short Course in Alanya, TurkeyIMG_4837.JPG

Week 2 we focused on ” the Bridge to Communication” by sharing stories, playing stimulation games, discussion and presentation, and leadership survey. This week 2 course aim to build the team spirit among the participant.

*8th October, 2017 : Week 1 of Short Course in Alanya, Turkey.

Due to no camera and cameraman I don’t have the picture to link with the post.

So, I introduced the course by playing some games and having some conversation with participants. We played games and reflect our perspectives on connecting topics, had some personal exercise for participants to discover their inner positive and negative energy while learning how to convert the negative energy into positive, and especially we had a great session with Mr. Tanel Peterson, a specialist in meditation and Yoga. This first week was such a fruitful start.

*1st October, 2017 : The Orientation

The orientation for Short Course on Personal Development, Communication, and Social Project successfully by playing game and reflect about our time management in daily life and the plan for the course that we are going to have in next four weeks with other 14 participants.

*24th September, 2017 : The World Merit New Friends Meeting in Alanya, Turkey

After Joining Merit360 program in UK, I returned to my city; Alanya, and started sharing my experiences and World Merit to friends here.

Moreover, I’ve read the book; 2030 isn’t a Fairytale by Arlene Gormley, about the UN’s Global Goal to participants and told them about my intention and plan to open Local Merit Council in Alanya.

Reading the book about UN’s Global Goal to participants

*Merit360 Program in Chester, Liverpool, and London, UK from 26th August 2017 till 6th September 2017 about UN’s Global Goals, organised by World Merit Org.


*Summer School on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Project Management in Malmö, Sweden 2nd-15th July 2017, organised by International Y2Y Initiatives.

As a preparation for Merit360 program in UK, I was luckily selected to have an intensive and challenging summer school in Sweden. The school focused on every details about social start up. My views about social business has changed. This summer school provided me a big insight and knowledge for my future merit360.

With the Team