Selfishness (Translated from Khmer)

Selfishness is usually being understood as being lacking consideration for other people or thinking about one’s self first. Or, Selfishness is the being of “I’m the best!”, “My ideas are the perfect!”, “I’m doing the right things!”, or the actions that are being shown by behaviours, words, etc… It’s being done for only of one’s self desire, feeling, or self-ambition as the first.

What about “Each other well-understanding”? Can it be said as our flexibility to other’s selfishness in order to keep another our ambition, goal, or desire? So can we say selfishness is one root of well-understanding?

Let me give an example of the employee and employer’s well understanding. The employer trying to give the best conditions to employee to work well in their job for the business’s growth, and employee is trying to work best for the salary to support his/her life and family. Isn’t it their main desire? Isn’t it a selfishness for themselves?

So, before continue more with this text! I want you to be open-minded to see what is my perspective on selfishness. And I’m happy if you finish this reading and give back constructive comments.

So let’s say selfishness is an instinct. Everyone wants the best for themselves, or at least for what they wished for? And can I divide selfishness into two group; negative and positive selfishness? And for each group can I also divide it into two more parts; for ourselves and other?

I’m selfish and I can do it even you don’t let me!

So here is

Negative selfishness:

  • For ourselves: It is the time when we do bad things via mind, words, and behaviour by misunderstanding, forgetting, attempting to forget, being ignorant to conscience for accomplish our passion, desire, goal, or dream. For example, The attempt to tell lie, cheating, or seducing to make people believe in us can be counted. Smoking cigarets, Drinking too much alcohol, using drug, and so on can fulfil your passions, but it can destroy our health.
  • For other: It’s a bit different from the point A; all those bad actions are being done for the people who we care about or have the relationship with (family, beloved people,etc..). If we analyze to the root of the problem, it is still because of self-selfishness, because we want all those things happen follow our desire still, or it can be our duty to. For instant, some parents might work illegally(drug-traffiking, cheating other, destroying the natural resources, etc..) for the prosperity of their own family and the future of their children.

Positive selfishness:

  • For ourselves: It’s the time when we’re trying to do good things via our mind, words, and behavior carefully, patiently, intelligently, and thoughtfully based on our and other’s consciences for accomplish our passions, goal, plan, desire, or dreams. For example, The carefulness to take care our health, the struggle to obtain higher education, the practice in meditation for the inner peace.
  • For other: It’s a bit further than point A; all those good actions are being done for people who we care about whether we have any relationship or not, because we are all human being and have love. This still happens because of the self-selfishness. Or, sometimes it’s because of the regaining consciousness or understanding about the human being’s duty. For instant, The charity to help poor people, the demand for the global peace and sustainable development, the parents’ good attempt in legal occupation and in raising the children to be good citizen.

I want to emphasize that selfishness is one of human’s instincts, but let’s make those selfishness to be positive for all, based on the foundation concept of morality, virtue, justice, and equity plus with our conscience, in order to make a great change and development for all.

As I mention above, selfishness are usually being understood as negative meaning or word to express the badness. But if we open our mind and find the root and fact of it critically, we’ll see that this word also has its own power to remind or warn people to let them analyze themselves with their mind, word, and behavior for finding the right and wrong. Then, we can convert or change them to new positive results. Let’s try to make good sake and be optimistic to the World around us, so the selfishness can be converted to be positive and be considered as one of the great virtues.

We are in the era of evolution, so why cannot we evolution all those negative things to be positive for our lives and the future? Aren’t we the Changemakers?

So I’m selfish and I know it!

So you have some ideas or debates? Give me feedback with the comment.

Seyhassneth Heng

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