One of the Starter

Submitted essay to Goi Peace Foundation/UNESCO International Essay Competition 2015.

Theme:     “Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds

People have already understood the peace’s meaning and been building peace for private or national ambitions. Unfortunately, racialism peace caused wars. As the result, two World Wars fired the World. At last, the UN was created to puzzle out how to rejoin peace’s small pieces together. Seventy years passed. Most problems were solved, but some are still being solved in tough conditions. A new fact’s revealed : ” Sustainable peace needs to be built from every inside of all people’s heart and mind.”

Unfortunately, the facts still contain negative effects. for example, while children are taught to love peace, dangerous weapon technology and massive military system are being prepared, and young people are forced into military services. Is it fake? There are more questions, but I can’t answer alone. I can only answer how peace can grow in my mind and heart and spread out.

I wish that there’s no war in the World. I’ve never faced the experience the life during war, but I’m really scared already. I consider war is hundreds worse than natural disasters. Before, when hearing that word, I was afraid of that word, because my parents experienced the genocide period in Cambodia, and didn’t want to know about it. Now I’m still afraid but eager to learn why it happen.

Education have brought me the World and making-peace foundations, because I can improve my knowledge more wider. Let’s try to complete our study with real ability, because having education and skills mean we can support our life, goal, and social communication. ” Step to your goals because they can’t walk.” means don’t wait for success unless you work hard for it. Not like words, succeeding your goal shows who you are. People often say ” Life’s so short, so enjoy.”, but ”Life is short, but life’s way is long.” for me. Death is the phenomenon, but problems still occur unless we die, so we must be ready with both long and short life’s plans which can lead us directly toward successes without falling down.

Morality should be controlled strictly also. While in daily life most people are running follow time-tables, I’m preparing my feeling-table. Most people sometimes mix their feelings  with continuous time-table and stuck in depressions because their minds can’t be controlled follow the situations. ”Be good listener, thinker, and speaker.” can make you divide the right and wrong correctly. Morality keeps the education’s balances on the right ways, so  profitable things can be created for everybody. When we have morality, we understand how important peace is and start to make it from inside.

Then, inspirations are needed for committing our actions toward goals or getting up and solving problems. Everything and everybody, included ourselves, are our inspirations. But for right selections, right education and morality are needed to judge. For example,” Be good needs life, be bad spends a second.” is my mother’s words which inspires me all time to become a good person. Our family, people’s backgrounds, things, successes,  quotations,… can be used as inspirations based on our intelligence and mind. Inspiration pleases us to have peace in mind and heart, control our mind from anger, jealousies, or depression, and be hopeful, creative, proud, and competitive with our lives.

So, it’s time to tie all peace-lovers via communication. Unfortunately, most people only prefer other to understand them, and sometimes mis-understanding even can destroy the friendship easily. All good friendships and relationship are always kept to be everlasting and unforgettable by peace-lovers. If it’s based on reason-result method and morality, our understanding each other isn’t difficult. We can tell each other about ourselves, guide, help,  share happiness, and compete for win-win result with each other. Right way of communication helps us to exchange our peace’s belief in mind even wider with other people’s hearts and minds.

Yes! That what I’ve been doing, and I wish that it can be understood. To the questions above, I still can’t answer alone, but I mention that World’s peace isn’t UN’s, any powerful countries’, or any nationalities’ property. UN is the coordinator for people’s obligations toward peace. So let’s start from first step in our mind and heart. I’m optimistic because I’m ”One of the Starters!”.


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